Road To "Final Battle 2016" TV Tapings Thread

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Re: Road To "Final Battle 2016" TV Tapings Thread

Post by BurningHammer » Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:04 am

I'm suggesting both really as they feed into other as Cole is now part of the Bullet Club and with Taven leading the way and having a issue with Cole and not to mention the Kingdom had a pretty good rivalry with the Bucks last year, I think anyway. So to me it makes sense. It also allows Taven to move up the card and hopefully create a real personality and strong identity there. I think if you have Cole and the Bucks be the first challengers for the Kingdom as trios champs it gives the titles a lot of credibility especially if it moves the titles up the card. Creating a title that is meaningful needs a lot of things to go right but first putting it in a role on the card that everyone sees as important is a sensible thing to do. Plus feuds like this always lead to single matches I think it adds to the overall importance of the final encounter wether it be a singles, tag or trio.

Red and NDP, I'm not saying you are wrong on any of your points. The Cabinet hasn't had the best creative behind it ,i'm just saying I don't find it that bad and something I can stand. It also gives them something that hopefully they can now get there teeth into and evolve it will just be interesting to see if it can happen. With regards to people not taking them seriously isn't that seemingly the point of turn, they are sick of being seen as the Joke, they thought they could do things nicely or gently but ROH and us just don't get it so we have to now show we aren't a joke and to be messed with, the only way it will work is if they give it vignettes and a proper sensible build and please don't interrupt PPV'S.

Regarding the New Day it took a huge amount of time for that to really connect, it took many backstage segments and general stuff on the Network to really get over, I also think getting rid of Rhett will help and adding another one or two guys that people really recognise or can see have really talent.

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