Official Death Before Dishonor XIV TV Tapings Thread

*Spoilers!* This is the place to discuss the latest ROH announcements and events before they've aired on TV.
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Re: Official Death Before Dishonor XIV TV Tapings Thread

Post by Big Red Machine » Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:22 pm

JigsawVs.Jason wrote:
DXvsNWO1994 wrote:To be fair, with regards to War Machine vs. Keith Lee & Shane Taylor, Meltzer said "Fight Without Honor", but we won't know until it's announced. Could be just a Street Fight or a No DQ Match (they're all basically the same thing, but still....).
AS others have mentioned, it shouldn't be a FWH as of yet, they only had a couple of matches thus far, it's not nearly enough personal to warrant one of the big feud enders.
I also do not really like the idea of doing a ladder war in such a relatively weakly booked multi team feud, it should be reserved for the big feuds.
Maybe War Machine vs Lee & Taylor could be a Street Fight and the three way a lucha rules match.
Other than these minor complaints, looks like a promising card, I really like how the new guys (RUSH, White, Kamaitachi, Dijak, Lee & Taylor) have been organically included into the ROH landscape. They definitely have made ROH feel fresh again.
I pretty much agree with everything you said, although I don't think Lee and Taylor have been integrated quite as much as they should be yet (though I assume that will change starting with the Reloaded Tour).

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