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Post by Fidel Costco » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:36 pm

Hey, guys. Long time, no see.

Just got back from the ROH show in San Antonio. The results are as follows:

Dark Segements:
Jessica James def. Lady Luck (?) via big boot.

Pretty solid Women of Honor match. Jessica James is a regular on the Texas indie scene, most prominently with Inspire Pro out of Austin. This is the second dark match she's done for ROH, so I hope this means she's used more often. Great look, great style.

BJ Whitmer is out to insult the crowd, say he's going to end Adam Page. BJ Whitmer = Best heel in ROH. Love to hate that guy.

Todd Sinclair, Mr. Wrestling III, Kevin Kelley come out. Todd Sinclair is over in San Antonio.

On to the show:

Mark Briscoe def. Silas Young via Small Package. Silas is so good in his role. And Mark is Mark. Can't say anymore than that.

Rhett Titus def. Will Ferrara via Impaler DDT. Good stuff from both guys, with Kenny King goading the crowd for heat at ringside. Oddly, Kenny was wearing his Beat Down Clan gear.

Kenny gets on the mic, says he doesn't want to wait for his match and calls out Bobby Fish.

Bobby Fish def. Kenny King via Heel Hook. I love Bobby Fish. So much so that the first wrestling shirt I bought in a long time was his "Infamous" shirt. I wore it to the show. He's absolutely stellar. He and Kenny worked well, I thought.

Motor City Machine Guns def. The Addiction via Skull and Bones (Neckbreak/Diving crossbody combo) Kaz, Daniels, Sabin, Shelly are all great and they work well together. After the match the Addiction jump MCMG. Feud continues.


Not sure if this is a dark match. I hope it isn't because all 4 guys in the match deserve screentime.

Pretty Boy Killers (Keith Lee and Shane Taylor) def. Dirty Outlaws ("Dirty" Andy Dalton and "Outlaw" Ken Phoenix.) via...I don't remember. All four have worked dark matches or squashes on TV in the past in San Antonio. Keith Lee is an agile big man. He's built like a fucking truck. Keep an eye out for PBK. They may be going places.

Young Bucks def. Delirious and Cheeseburger via Meltzer Driver on to Cheeseburger on to a laying down Delicious. REALLY FUN MATCH. Bucks' new(?) gear: pictures of themselves.

Jay Lethal def. Jay Briscoe, ACH, Moose, Roderick Strong, Kyle O Reilly via Lethal Injection onto ACH. Standard 6-Man Mayhem match, so it was fun. After the match, Lethal takes the mic and says he's defeated everyone in ROH. Jay Briscoe retorts that he never received his rematch for the World Title. Set up for a potential match, but not tonight.

Main Event:
Adam Page def. BJ Whitmer via tackle through a table. Fun "San Antonio Street Fight," but pretty standard. Can't really say more than that. Had some great moments though. Adam Page has all the makings of a real star and he's on the rise. Whitmer is absolutely technically sound and works so well as a heel. I never want him to retire, contrary to the chants from the crowd.

Live notes:
-The ring looked hard as fuck and somewhat concave as opposed to flat. It was also extremely loud, compared to previous shows.
- No Bobby Cruise. Kevin Kelley was doing ring announcing duties.
- Happy Birthday was sung to Moose. He looked amused.
- Too Sweet'd the Young Bucks, which was cool.
- During the 6-Man Mayhem match the tag rope for Kyle O'Reilly broke. O'Reilly played it up like a pro.
- I think this was the first time ROH has come to SA without Adam Cole.
- These VOD shows are a lot more fun, to me, than the PPVs or TV tapings. Everyone seems a lot looser.
- Great show. Absolutely solid. ROH is almost always a sure thing. But, of all the shows ROH has held in SA this has been my least favorite.
- The entrance stage was small, but they added smoke machines.

Anyway, that's the show.

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Fidel Costco
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Post by Fidel Costco » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:40 pm

I didn't think to check the main board. Kinda foggy from allergies and school related stress; just not thinking. If a mod wants to delete the thread and move it to the main discussion for the Conquest tour, that's cool.

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