Best Entrances Currently in the biz-i-ness

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Best Entrances Currently in the biz-i-ness

Post by Brada » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:08 pm

Who would you put in your top 5?

Here's mine

1. Nakamura - when it's a takeover, and they are playing the live violin.......really really cool. Gives most of the marks goosebumps...

2. Bobby Roode- Crowd takes such a huge role in his entrance that it makes it bad ass. Song is catchy too. Seeing him and Nakamura go at it tonight will be cool. Would really pop should one of them show up in the Rumble tomorrow.

3. Finn Balor- His are still bad ass. To his credit, he some what paved the way for everything being done in NXT in regards to entrances with what he did in Japan and on the indies....

4. Joe Hendry- Guys stuff is always unique and funny. I personally think that once his entrance is over, that is it with him. No talent hack in my opinion, but damn good entrances.

5. Wyatt Family- there's has always been cool as well....really good.

Now I know there will be people going, where is Taker on this list? The Deadman's is one for the ages no doubt. I just think I have seen it SO many times live that it has lost a bit of it's luster.

I wish they would let Rich Swann do his old stuff with 205 Live.

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