Shimmer, Shine, ROH, Progress, TNA, WWE DVDs to sell

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Shimmer, Shine, ROH, Progress, TNA, WWE DVDs to sell

Post by Thelone » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:16 pm

Well, time to sell those DVDs which are collecting dust and taking a bunch of space. I'd rather sell in bulk and in the EU (because no customs bullshit), but I'll consider other offers anyway. Prices don't include postage.

Shine/Shimmer -> 150€
Shine 1-4
Shimmer 1-2 Collector's Edition (sealed)
Shimmer 51-65
Shimmer 66-70 (all sealed)

ROH -> 100€
A Night of Hoopla
Reclamation Night 1
Reclamation Night 2
All Star Extravaganza V
Manhattan Mayhem V
The Road to Greatness Night 1
The Road to Greatness Night 2
Death Before Dishonor XI

Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four

The Best of Episodes 1-100

Austin Aries : Evolution of A-Double
Austin Aries : The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

This. Is. Progress. 1-10 boxset -> 50€

Also have a bunch of random comps/shows from TNA and WWE. I don't plan on selling them in bulk (and I'm sure no one would be interested anyway), but I can throw them for very little if you're buying something else.

Bound for Glory 2007
Destination X 2008
Genesis 2010
Lockdown 2010
Destination X 2010

The Best of Raven : Nevermore
Knockouts : The ladies of TNA Wrestling (2X)
Best of Tag Teams Volume 1
Best of TNA 2007
Best of the X-Division Twin Pack

Wrestlemania 22
Wrestlemania 24 (Blu-ray)
Wrestlemania 26
Wrestlemania 27 (Blu-ray)
TLC 2011 (Blu-ray) => My site, which means a bunch of random stuff really.

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