1. Illegal Streams: Any discussion around illegal streams will be not be tolerated on this forum and any members involved may be suspended.#
    2. Swearing: Excessive bad language or any bad language used towards another forum member is not permitted. Any posts containing such will be deleted and the offending member may be suspended.#
    3. Posting URLs: We encourage users to share interesting and relevant links with other forum members. However excessive promotion of a webiste or article is not permitted and those posts will be removed, and the offending member may be suspended.#
    4. Arguments/Flame Wars: While we encourage all members to share their opinions, please appreciate everyone's different opinion and don't start pointless arugments or flame wars and please respect all other members#
    5. Selling/Buying: We will not take liability for any deals done on this forum that include money or otherwise. The deal is completely between the two parties involved and we will not act as a middle man or anything for disputes so just be careful!#
    6. Spamming: No spamming allowed. There is no prize for the most amount of posts on the board. We encourage postings that can bring a good discussion to the board. #
    7. Spoilers: Any discussion of spoilers must be kept in the spoiler board. This regards spoilers from the TV show and tapings. This does NOT include iPPVs or live events, these can be discussed in the general board. #

Rules Sections